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2019 Calendar’s for Sale


The calendars are an important part of our clubs fundraising. Our dues do not cover all the club’s expenses. The proceeds help pay the mortgage, improve the facilities and continue the clubs support of shooting sports.

You also receive something for your purchase of the calendar. It is the equivalent of buying a raffle ticket for $35.00 with the opportunity to win a monetary prize. Each day of the calendar is assigned a prize value. There are 6-$500 prize days, each Sunday is a $65.00 prize day and every Saturday is a $40.00 prize day. The rest of the days are $35.00 days. That’s over $17,000 in prizes given out over the course of the year. Each calendar is numbered, and those numbers win the prize assigned to that day based on the PA. pick three nightly lottery drawing. Only 1,000 calendars are printed so each entry has a better than one in three chance of winning a prize and at least getting back the cost of the calendar. We closely monitor the drawing, so you do not have to, and the prizes are mailed to the winners every two weeks or so.

These calendars make great gifts and many friends interested in entering a raffle also buy them from both members and non-members.

Please support your club and help us to continually improve what we own.

Email George Kessler with your address and number of calendars you would like to receive, and I will mail them to you directly.


Winter League Party 2018

A big thank you to all our shooters and staff for making the 2018 Sporting Clay Winter League series fun and delicious.  Congratulations to our top shooters this year, Jay Lewis with a 91 average the high score takes the 2018 trophy, Bob Decki with  a 90 average takes senior division,  and Blaze Whitehead with an 89 average takes the junior division.  We had 27 contestants  enter this year and another amazing buffet from the kitchen staff.