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Smallbore Rifle Silhouette

July 11 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

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*** RAIN OR SHINE! ***


Phone 570-378-CLUB or 570-378-2593 / Silhouette contact person: Walter Kierzkowski (570) 587-3363 or (570) 687-6901

$10.00 INCLUDES BOTH SMALLBORE MATCHES, New shooters and under 16yrs old shoot for free.

Entries will be taken UNTIL 9:30 A.M.

We will use standard NRA Smallbore Silhouette rules, targets, and classifications. COF is TWO 40 ROUND SMALLBORE MATCHES, at standard Smallbore Silhouette metallic targets and distances.


Please read the Silhouette rules section to view details of RIFLE AND AMMO RESTRICTIONS, COF, TIME LIMITS, RANGE COMMANDS / PROCEDURES, AWARDS & PRIZES, SCORECARD FAMILIARIZATION.  More details are available at FSCWEB.ORG in the Smallbore Silhouette section, including pictures of the range.

ANY SAFELY OPERATING .22 cal. RIMFIRE RIFLE (OTHER THAN FULL AUTO & .22 magnum) is welcome at the FSC matches, including bolt, lever, pump, semi auto (even AR15 styled rifles).  THERE IS A DIVISION AND SHOOTING CLASSIFICATION FOR ALL STYLES OF RIFLES AND SHOOTERS SKILL LEVELS.

Silhouette uses the standing / offhand position with no slingsor other aids, but at FSC if a PHYSICAL CONDITION REQUIRES A USE OF AN AID OR A SITTING POSITION and can be safely executed at the firing line, it will be allowed to shoot for fun…However, scores WILL NOT BE COUNTED toward Championships, Awards, or Silly Silhouette Prizes.

The club kitchen is usually open for breakfast and lunch and offers a variety of great food, beverages, and snacks during the day.  Membership not required for dining.


If a shooter hits 5 in-a-row on any animal in B, A, or AA classification (either hunter or standard divisions), they will receive a pin as an award for the achievement. A 10 in-a-row and a 15 in-a-row pin will be awarded to all classification levels and 10 or 15 in-a-rows should be documented to qualify for a “Grand Slam”.  The pins are color coordinated (tan for hunter, brown for standard), have the number of “in-a-rows” you have achieved, and are in the shape of the animal(s) that you have shot the “in-the-row” on.

3 shooters will be chosen at signing up to be witnesses in the event should a 10 or 15 in-a-row happens.


Small bore Rifle Competition -A sanctioned match consists of 40, 60, 80 or 120 rounds fired in the standing position on one-fifth size standard High Power Rifle Silhouette targets as follows:

Ten Chicken targets at 40 meters, (42 yards), ten Pig targets at 60 meters (66 yards), ten Turkey targets at 77 meters (84 yards), ten Ram targets at 100 meters (109 yards).


Misses -Any shot which does not knock the proper silhouette over or from its stand will be scored a miss. “Turning” a silhouette on its stand will be counted as a miss. Any target that is hit, causing one or both feet to be moved off the stand or pad, and make contact with another supporting surface, but still remain upright, shall be scored as a hit. If, through the fault of the competitor, fewer than the prescribed number of shots are fired, or shots are fired on the wrong target, the competitor is scored a miss for each unfired shot or each shot fired on a wrong target. Hits on the wrong target are scored as misses.

Early or Late Shots -A competitor firing a shot from the line before “ready” (Listo) is given will be disqualified from the day’s scheduled match. Shots fired upon closing of the bolt or action when on the firing line will be scored as record shots. Any shot fired after the command “Cease Fire” (Alto) will be scored as amiss.

All Shots Count -All shots fired by a competitor after taking position at the firing point will be counted in the competitor’s score even if the rifle may be accidentally discharged.

Hits out of sequence are scored as misses; for example, the second shot hitting the third silhouette is a miss. When a silhouette is down before a shot, a shooter will fire on the remaining ones in order, then return to the left-most target remaining in the bank and fire any unfired rounds at the remaining silhouette or silhouettes as required. If the shooter still has shots unfired and no targets remain standing on the shooters or another’s bank, a range alibi will be declared. The bank will be reset, and the competitor will be allowed a “ready” period and 30 seconds for each remaining shot. Ricochet hits fired in sequence at properly designated targets count as a hit. Only hits and misses are recorded, and a silhouette must be knocked over or from its rest in order to score hit. “Turning” a silhouette on its stand does not count as a hit.

If a malfunction occurs, (called an alibi), the competitor will be allowed to use another rifle and/or cartridge, and will be given 30 seconds for each unfired round of the series. Such completion firing may be done immediately, or on a later relay, at the Range Officer’s discretion, based on the length of the delay involved, such as rifle repair, substitution or other pertinent factors.

Different rifles may be used during a tournament, but in each individual match the same rifle must be used for all stages in that match, except when rifle failure occurs and is certified as such by the Range Officer. Only one alibi will be allowed in a match.

** TIES **

Shoot off – Ties in a match typically involve a shoot off, and will be a sudden death format.

“B” shooters – firing at pigs   /   “A” shooters – firing at chickens   /   “AA” shooters -firing at rams

“AAA” and “M” – firing at turkeys

You will have 15 seconds after the READY command, and 30 seconds to fire after the FIRE command. This will continue on a bank of 5 animals until a hit is made by one shooter and a miss is made by the other shooter. Shots fired during a shoot off will not count toward any Long Run attempt, or added to the overall match score.

ALTERNATE TIE BREAKER – TIME SAVER- If agreed by all in order to save time, a “reverse animal count” will be used. The person with the highest turkey count wins the tie.  If the turkey count is a tie, the count will go to the rams.  If a tie remains, then go to the chickens, then pigs.


Hot loads, such as “Stingers”, “Velocitors”, “Mini and Maxi Mag”, and other “Hyper or super velocity” ammos over 1250 FPS are not permitted, as they damage / break targets!  ONLY Normal high velocities, standard velocity, match & subsonic ammos under 1250 FPS are allowed. The ammo can only be factory loaded .22 caliber short, long or long rifle rimfire cartridges, no .22 magnum.


July 11
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
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Factoryville Sportsmen’s Club
5900 Lake Winola Rd
Factoryville, PA 18419 United States


Walter Kierzkowski