CMP Civilian Marksmanship Program

Competitive marksmanship is a big part of CMP’s mission. It reinforces firearms safety and enables competitors to further develop their marksmanship skills and in many cases, earn recognition for doing so.

CMPThe CMP offers numerous types of center-fire, rim-fire, and air rifle competitions, along with pistol competition. At FSC, the Short Range Service Rifle course is predominant, consisting of a 3 position rapid and slow fire using a military service rifle, with the AR15 being very popular for this event. Targets are “reduced” or scaled in size from 300 and 600 yard targets and used at the 100 yard mark, with a 50 round 4 staged COF as outlined below, and a few special vintage sniper rifle and any rifle / military caliber competitions are held every year.

A CMP match at Factoryville consists of 50 rounds for record. Everything is shot at 100 yards using the reduced targets. Before the match begins everyone has a chance to take five sighters from any position they desire.

The first course of fire is standing slow fire. Ten rounds fired offhand without a sling in a ten minute time limit. Targets are then scored and repaired.

The second course of fire is a rapid fire stage. Shooters start standing and go to sitting or kneeling, their choice. They are given sixty seconds to fire ten rounds. Bolt gunners get seventy seconds. Slings are allowed in this stage and the other stages. Targets are then scored and replaced.

The third stage is rapid prone. Shooters again start standing and go to prone, firing ten rounds in seventy seconds. Bolt gunners get an extra ten seconds. This stage is the reduced 300 yard stage. Targets are scored and replaced.

The final stage is slow fire prone. Shooters have twenty minutes to fire twenty rounds. This replicates the 600 yard stage found at the full range matches.

The first priority of the match is safety. All shooters and spectators must have eye and ear protection. Shooters must follow safety rules and should have an empty chamber indicator. We often have extra ones for those who do not have one. All safety rules are explained to shooters before the match.

Cost: $10.00